Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo Movie review

Friday,November 11,2016 - 03:32 by Z_CLU

TITLE : Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo

ACTORS : NagaChaitanya, Manjima, Baba Sehgal, Rakendhu Mouli & others


PRODUCER: Ravindera miryala

STORY, DIRECTION : Gautam menon

Sahasam Sawasaga Sagipo has finally released after being postponed multiple times. Nagachaitanya and Gautam Menon have joined hands to recreate the magic of their previous film together Ye Maya Chesave


Story :-

Rajinikanth (Nagachaitanya) finishes his education and falls in love with his sister’s friend Leela(Manjima). They both go for a tour and Rajinikanth finds that Leela and her family are in trouble. What he does to save them and what difficulties and dangers he had to face forms the rest of the story.

Actors :-

Nagachaitanya once again proved that he is one of the bests in love stories. He mesmerizes as an easy going youngster and makes every girl envious about his lady love. His acting skills are getting better with every film and there is more maturity and ease. He also impressed everyone with his action sequences. Manjima Mohan plays an aspiring writer in this film and impresses one and all with her looks and acting. Rakendu Mouli plays the character of hero’s friend and entertains the audience with his dialogues and dances. Baba Sehgal plays a corrupt cop and does excellent justice to the role. The other supporting cast are best in whatever they are offered

Technicians :-

A.R. Rehman is the biggest asset to this film. His songs and back ground music are top notch. Despite of the delayed release, the makers were able to maintain the connect with the audience only because of the music. The songs are very well written too. Tanu Nenu , Chakori, Vellipomake are the chartbusters and will continue to remain at the top. Dan impresses with his cinematography especially in the Kanyaumari sequences. The dialogues ae appealing and the editing does not disappoint.


Zee Cinemalu Review

Gautham Menon has the reputation of making top class romantic films as well as action films. Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo is a combination of romantic and action film. The first half completely runs in the romantic track and Gautham Menon mesmerizes the audience with his trademark narration. The story progresses into the action sequences in the second half which are very gripping. Barring a few slow scenes which hamper the screenplay marginally, the film is very well narrated and picturized. The audience will definitely feel this as a slower narrative but the kind of story the director has chosen; the narrative is apt. Songs are a big asset to this film. The director also experiments with having all the songs in the first half and no song in the second. Nagachaitanya who excels in playing the softer lover boy roles also proved himself in the rough character in the second half. The scene where he comes as the police is surely going to get the audience shouting and applauding.

Overall Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo is definitely worth watching.

Rating– 3/5