ZeeCinemalu (November 20th)

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Lead Cast: Anji, Koutilya

Other Cast: Raj, Jack, Srijana, MVS Harinatha Rao, Mani Mahesh, Costumes Krishna, Hussain, Satya Priya, Nisha

Music Director: Anil

Director: Ravi

Producer: First Frame Entertainments

Release  : 2005



Lead Cast: Sri Ram, Sangeetha, Samvitra

Music Director: Jashua Sridhar, Satyanarayana

Director: Sami

Producer: R. Balaji

Sri Ram, Sangeetha starring is a perfect youthful entertainer. Sami directed this film and Jashua Sridhar and Satya Narayan both composed music.



Lead Cast : Gopichand, Bahvana

Other Cast : Ashish Vidyarthi, Sayaji Shinde, Paruchuri Venkateshwara Rao, Ajay, Sunil, Sunil and the others.

Music Director : Manisharma

Director :   B.V.రమణ

Producer : Pokuri Rama Rao

Release : 14 February 2008

Gopichand played a lover boy role Vamshi, who is a son of Handloom house owner. He felt in love with an orphan girl who stays in a hostel. Somehow manages to agree his parents and tries to engage the girl, meantime the girl gets kidnapped, then on the action begind, how Vamshi saves his life..? what happens next is the story.



Lead Cast : Nandamuri Balakrishna, Simran, Anushka Shetty

Other Cast : Nisha Kothari, Ashitosh Rana, Ravi Kale, Salim Baig and the others

Music Direcor : Manisharma

Director : Y.V.S. Chowdary

Producer : Y.V.S. Chowdary

Release  : 11 January 2008

Balakrishna, Anushka, Simran starring Okak Magadu is a colorful action entertainer. It’s a complete Balakrishna mark film. Balakrishna’s massive manarism is highlighted to the cinema. It’s a Y.V.S. Chowdary directorial. Manisharma composed music for this action entertainer.



Lead Cast: Akkineni Nagehwara Rao, Vanisri

Other Cast: S.V. Ranga Rao, Chittoor. V. Nagaiah, V.Nagaiah, Gumamdi, Satyanarayana, Allu Ramalingaiah and the others.

Music Director: K.V. Mahadevan

Director: Adurti Subba Rao

Producer: D. Madhusudana Rao

Release  : 1972

Madhav and Sandhya both are collage mates. Their relationship starts with few misunderstandings. Once Madhav insults Sandhya before everyone in the college and to take revenge she fools Madhav with her act of love and in his rage of anger, Madhav kidnaps & molests her, as a result, Sandhya becomes pregnant. With that guilt feeling Madhava leaves to foreign but here Sandhya father commits suicide. Sandhya gives birth to a baby boy and keeps the child in an orphanage. After few years Madhav returns from foreign and he accidentally meets Sandhya in the village and comes to know regarding entire the story. Rest of the story is what strange attachments develop and how the lives change.



Lead Cast : Bharath, Mallika kapoor, Arun kumar

Other Cast : Deepu, Ms.bhaskar, Renuka

Music Direcor : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Director : Vijay Milton