ZEE5 Original ‘ATM’ clocks a whopping 50 million streaming minutes

Saturday,January 28,2023 - 12:02 by Z_CLU

ZEE5 Original 'ATM' clocks a whopping 50 million streaming minutes

This Harish Shankar-written Original draws applause for thrilling content

Hyderabad, January 27, 2023: ZEE5's commitment to offering range and a wide variety of content in various formats in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarathi, Bengali and other languages is unparalleled. The streaming giant has made a name for itself nationwide, thanks to its excellent track record. On the feature film front, it has streamed the likes of 'Roudram Ranam Rudhiram' to a blockbuster response. Several other Telugu hits have also been streamed successfully. On the web series front, ZEE5 has been spectacular. After presenting the comedy-drama 'Oka Chinna Family Story' from Pink Elephant Pictures, 'Loser 2' from Annapurna Studios stable, 'Gaalivaana' from BBC Studios and NorthStar Entertainment, 'Recce', 'Maa Neella Tank', 'Paper Rocket', and 'Hello World' in recent times, it recently brought out a new Telugu-language web series titled 'ATM'.

Like ZEE5's recent originals, 'ATM', too, has been an acclaimed show. The web series has been a massive hit. Already, the series has amassed a whopping 50 million streaming minutes. The viewers are loving the episodes right from the time Subbaraju's character makes a dashing entry in the third episode. The climax has been described by the show's viewers as nail-biting.

Director C Chandra Mohan and his writing department have been lauded for creating a compelling lead to the second season of 'ATM' by talking about the mysterious fifth character. This character's intro makes the finale all the more arresting. Undoubtedly, 'ATM' has got the best climax for a web original in recent times.

Harish Shankar's story-writing skills have once again been proven to be spot-on. His mark and style are visible throughout.

The performances by VJ Sunny, Subbaraju and others in this raw and imaginative heist thriller are solid. The music, the cinematography, and the sequencing of the story have been particularly praised by the audience.