ZEE5 collaborates with Rana Daggubati’s Spirit Media for Telugu original ‘Maya Bazaar For Sale.’

Wednesday,June 28,2023 - 11:29 by Z_CLU

ZEE5, India’s largest home-grown video-streaming platform and a multilingual storyteller announces the multi-starrer Telugu sitcom ‘Maya Bazaar for Sale’ today. Through various narratives, the satirical drama will entice and intrigue the audiences to visit an interesting Pastries family of the gated community. In association with Rana Daggubati’s Spirit Media, ‘Maya Bazaar For Sale’ is a light-hearted drama which revolves around different families in a premium gated community. Set to premiere on July 14, the nuance family drama is scripted and directed by Gautami Challagulla and produced by Rajeev Ranjan.

This one-of-a kind dramedy chronicles the story of families, namely, the Pastry’s, Gandhi’s, the Hippies, the Bachelors and the Lovey-Dovey couple who move into premium villas in a gated community called ‘Maya Bazaar’. Their expectations of a prime and peaceful lifestyle are bulldozed by the government’s declaration of the construction as illegal. ‘Maya Bazaar for Sale’ envelopes the events that follow in the personal lives and the community living of the characters post this tragedy.

The 7-episodic series is a modern exploration of family life and community living in a rather satirical way featuring an ensemble cast comprising of Navdeep Pallapolu, Eesha Rebba, Naresh Vijaya Krishna, Hari Teja, Jhansi Laxmi, Meiyang Chang, Sunaina and Kota Srinivas Rao among others. So, get ready to watch this Telugu satirical drama on ZEE5.

Manish Kalra, Chief Business Officer, ZEE5 stated, “With Maya Bazaar For Sale, we are bringing yet another interesting narrative for the audience. The show aims at normalising unconventional ideas with light-hearted comedy. At ZEE5, we take pride in collaborating with storytellers to acquire diverse and socially relevant content that is sure to entertain the audience.”

Producer Rajeev Ranjan added, “’Maya Bazaar For Sale’ explores the non-alignment of ‘happiness in life’ and ‘societal expectations’. Meiyang, Naresh, Eesha, and others have done commendable work in portraying the characters as they were intended to be. The series is a pioneering series in the Telugu OTT that entices and intrigues people to visit a weird but familiar world. The audience will surely love to experience this novel content.”

Director Gautami Challagulla said, “We wanted to hold up a mirror to people so they can see that life’s tragedies don’t discriminate and come after all. It felt essential to expose the audience to newer ways of life through these characters. I am grateful for the unceasing support of the cast and crew that gave life to my vision. I am excited to see how the audience reciprocates to the series on ZEE5.” Get ready to watch ‘Mayabazaar for Sale’ from 14th July only on ZEE5!