Zee Cinemalu ( 22nd July )

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Lead Cast : Vijay Anthony, Arundhati Nair

Other Cast : Y.G. Mahendra, Meera Krishnan, Kitty, Charuhasan, Siddhartha Shankar and others

Music Director : Vijay Anthony

Director : Pradeep Krishnamurthy

Producer : Fathima Vijay Anthony

Release Date : 1 December 2016

Bhetaludu is psychological thriller. Dinesh ( Vijay Anthony )  a software engineer, is brought to a psychiatrist by his boss after he seems mentally disturbed. His life turns worse when the voice in his head tells him to kill himself. What is the back story of Dinesh...? How does he comes out of his trouble is the main plot of the cinema.


Panchakshari Lead Cast : Anushka Shetty, Chandra Mohan Other Cast : Nassar, Pradeep Rawat, Ravi Prakash, Brahmanandam, Divyavani, Telangana Shakuntala and others Music Director : Chinna Director : V. Samudra Producer : Bommadevara Rama Chandra Rao Release Date : 11 June 2010 ‘Panchakshari’ is about two similar looking cousins. The first one ‘Honey’, is a fashion designer and model, and wants to build a career. In order to delay marriage, and to focus more on her career she devices a plan. The plan backfires and invites a strange person to her home. Also following her is another young man, Sri Ram, who looks like he is wooing her, but somehow her diary has landed in his hands. Seeing that she is already in trouble with one person, she goes to claim her diary. There she finds few videos of her. Angered, she asks Sri Ram about the videos. Sri Ram tells Honey the story of Panchakshari. Who is Panchakshari, what is the connection between Honey and Panchakshari, why Sri Ram and a strange person chasing her forms the rest of this story.



Lead Cast: Suresh, Yamuna

Other Cast: Dasari Narayana Rao, Sujatha, Suresh, Gollapudui, Velu, Rallapalli, Kantha Rao, Brahmanandam, Babu Mohan and others

Music Director : Vasu Rao

Director: Dasari Narayana Rao

Producer: D. Rama Naidu

Release Date: 1992

Soorigadu is perfect family entertainer which reflect the parents and children relationship, once the children grow up. It was directed by Dasari and also played a vital role in this film. ‘Oke Oka Asha’ song is highlighted to the cinema.


Tripura Lead Cast: Swathi Reddy, Naveen Chandra Other Cast: Rao Ramesh, Sapthagiri, Sivannarayana Naripeddi, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Preethi Nigam and others Music Director: Kamran Director: Rajkiran Producers: A. Chinna Babu & M. Rajashekhar Release Date: 6 November 2015 Tripura is horror thriller which has full of emotional elements. A victim of a heinous rape-cum-murder turns into a ghost to take revenge against the perpetrators of the crime.


Rangula Ratnam Lead Cast : Raj Tarun, Shukla Other Cast : Sithara, Priyadarsi and others Music Director : Sricharan Pakala Director : Sri Ranjani Producer : Nagarjuna Akkineni Release Date : 14 January Vishnu is a middle-class guy who works in a creative company. As he lost his father in his childhood he gets attached with his mother a lot. Meanwhile he falls in love with Keerthy. At the same time, he lost his mother. What happens next…? Is main plot of the cinema.