Tamannah Speaks Out!

Monday,September 26,2016 - 01:56 by Z_CLU


What’s wrong in it?

Tamannah is currently busy with promotions of Abhinetri. In a press meet regarding the same Tamannah spoke about her dancing for special numbers. She said that she doesnt feel anything wrong or belittling in doing am item number. She also spoke about Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra performing special numbers. Tamannaah concluded saying that she loves dance and there is huge scope for dance in special numbers.


Yes I charge a lot!

One of the best dancers amongst the Heroines, Tamannah is veru selective about her roles. Tamannah also performs item numbers. Tamannah is also trying make an impression in Bollywood too. Tamannah said that she does not mind doing item numbers and openly accepted that she charges a lot for the same.


That’s a secret which I dont know

During her promotions activities for Abhinetri, Tamannah was posed a question which has been  prevailing since a year- Why did Katappa kill Bahubali? Tamannah said that it’s a secret only a few people know and said that she also does not the exact reason. Director Rajamouli, Cameraman Senthil and Prabhas only know the information she said.


Not anymore

Tamannah said that she will not try any roles on the same grounds as that of Abhinetri. Abhinetri is tri-lingual film made inTamil, Hindi and Telugu. Tamannah expressed that it was very challenging for her to play the titular role and simultaneous shooting in three languages made it even more tough for her. She said that she would not try any tri lingual anymore.


Do not compare me with her!

Tamannah who has not even taken a single off this year is busy with hand full of project and urged people to not to compare her with that heroine. Star heroines have recently expressed their thoughts about marriage and settling down and the same question was posed to Tamannah about her marriage. Tamannah said that every individual has one’s own plan. If one wishes to marry she will marry or if one wishes to continue with films she will continue. I have my plans so please do not compare me with other is what Tamannah says.