Rajiv Kanakala Birthday Special..

Sunday,November 13,2016 - 10:10 by Z_CLU

One of the versatile actors of Telugu Cinema, Rajeev Kanakala celebrates his birthday today. Zee Cinemalu highlights his best performances on this special day of his.

jantha-garage1 Rajeev Kanakala played a sincere government official who gets ready to sacrifice his life for justice and does not commit to any wrong doings despite of many attacks on him and his family. Rajeev Kanakala gives a top notch performance and this scene is one of the major highlights of the film. Critics and film stars showered praises on him

resugurram Rajeev Kanakala is seen only fir a short period but the impact he leaves the audience with is unmatchable. He plays a cop and displays his helplessness in the beginning and kills the villain in the end.

sye The first character of Rajeev that comes to mind for every Telugu cinema lover is the coach character in Sye. This Rajamouli directorial emerged successful largely owing to the characters of Nithiin, Pradeep Rawat and Rajeev Kanakala. The scene in which he instills motivation in the team is one of the bests in Telugu cinema.

athdu Here again Rajeev is hardly seen for 5minutes but leaves everyone awe struck with his performance as Parthu. The whole story revolves around this character and we can imagine why did Trivikram chose Rajeev for the character.

vikramarkudu He plays a sincere cop who plays the supporting role to hero Ravi Teja. Rajeev's excellent performance is one of the highlights of this movie.

ontari In this movie he plays the negative character. He is very convincing as hero's friend till the climax where his true colors are shown. He gives excellent performance in the scene where he shows his true colors.

nannku-prematho In this film he plays the role of the elder brother of Jr NTR. He is shown to be the family man who wants to think about himself and his family and wants to have a secured life as opposed to his brother. The scene in which he gets NTR out of jail by selling his car is one of the best scenes in the film.

ashok Rajeev and NTR have acted in many films. They are thick friends off screen too. One such film which shows their on screen bonding is Ashok. Rajeev excels in this film and always tries to safe guard the hero and also tries to solve the misunderstanding hero amd his father have. The scene in which Rajeev is killed is painful to watch because of his unbelievable acting.

Zee Cinemalu wishes Rajeev Kanakala a very happy birthday and hopes to watch much more top notch performance from the actor