Nagarjuna’s shocking statement

Tuesday,November 29,2016 - 10:01 by Z_CLU

King Nagarjuna has begun his next movie Raju Gari Gadi 2. He also admitted that Om Namo Venkatesaya is complete and only has post production works left. When asked about its release Nagarjuna said that neither he nor the unit has planned any date for release. He added saying that the film requires a lot of VFX work on shots and he does not want to compromise on those. He opined that after Bahubali, there is a standard set for all the VFX shots and they have to maintain it. Only when all the shots come out perfectly according to him, the release will be planned.

This came as a shocker to many as Nagarjuna intended to release the film in Sankranti earlier and postponed it to February, But this statement of King is giving clues that he is not eyeing February either.