Nagachaitanya goes ahead despite the ban

Thursday,November 10,2016 - 01:39 by Z_CLU

There is a huge confusion created about the  movies which are slated for release tomorrow. With Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes being banned, many producers have taken a back step with respect to their releases this week. But there is one film which is completely unaffected and that is Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo. The Nagachaitanya starrer directed by Gautham Menon is all set for a world wide release tomorrow as planned.

The producers who postponed their films feel that the audience currently are not in the right amount of liquid cash with them to buy the tickets as majority of the notes one possesses is Rs 500 notes and hence cannot buy tickets and might lose out on people who book tickets for themselves along with families and friends. The producers did not want to release the films and risk the collections of the same as opposed to the makers of Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo who feel that their collections will not be affected and can go ahead with the same release date..

As per the producers and the trade experts, Nagachaitanya movies cater to a set of audience most of who book their tickets in advance online. Also the stars enjoys huge female following and that set of audience also don’t want their friends or spouses to stand in the queue and wait for tickets and hence majority of the revenue in the early days comes from advance bookings from all parts of the states. The star who enjoyed tremendous success with Premam has managed to increase his overseas market too which is another advantage for the makers. The experts also feel that if the movie had a star who enjoyed more of a mass following than the elite or female following would find itself in difficulty as majority of the revenue comes from heartland which is now affected temporarily .

Whatever the case may be, the star and the makers are following their title Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo by releasing their film as opposed to any other producer who have slated their releases this week.