Akkineni family promotions..

Saturday,November 05,2016 - 10:00 by Z_CLU

Akineni heroes are surprising the audience with guest roles in the films in which their family heroes play the lead roles. Akhil played a guest role in Manam where he appeard in the climax.


Nagarjuna also surprised the audience with an unexpected entry in Akhil. Akkineni brothers Akhil and Nagachaitanya were present for a brief period in Sushanth's film Aatadukundam Ra.


Nagarjuna again made a special appearance in Nagachaitanya's Premam. He again mesmerized in Sumanth's film 'Naruda Dinaruda' in the beginning and Nagachaitaya played a small cameo in climax. Will Akkinenis continue with these special roles in the future is what we have to wait and see