‘Majnu’ review

Friday,September 23,2016 - 03:28 by Z_CLU

With consecutive victories under his belt, Nani has successfully managed to increase his market potential not only domestically but also overseas.

majnu Story: After finishing his engineering in Bangalore, Aditya (Nani) gets into a job in Bangalore and plans his career accordingly. He sees Kiranmayi (Anu Immanuel) and falls in love with her. He also comes to know that Kiranmayi is studying in the same engineering college. So he quits his job and with the help of principal, joins as a junior lecturer. He successfully wins the girl's heart. They break up becuase of a reason. Post this, Aditya joins S.S. Rajamouli as an assistant director. To forget Kiranmayi, Aditya loves Suma (Priyasri). Suma falls in love with Aditya on knowing how he loved Kiranmayi. Who will Aditya finally marry forms the rest of the story.

Actors Nani is at his natural best in the character of Aditya. His dialogue deliver and with punch dialogues mesmerises the audience. Anu Immanuel manages to portray Kiranmayi. Posani tickles the bones as senior lecturer. Vennala Kishore as Bansali also provides entertainment. Priyasri, Satya and Saptagiri have done justice to their roles.


Gnan Sekhar is amazing with his cinematography. Village shots are really impressive. Gopi Sunder again wins the hearts of the audience with his music and back ground score. Virinchi Verma's narration is also a plus point

Zee Cinemalu Review: Virinchi Verma who made his debut with Uyyala Jampala scored a hit with his first attempt. After a gap of 3 years Virinchi has come up with Majnu. The director was at his best with love scenes in Bhemavaram. Second half could have been narrated in a faster pace. Dilaogues, comedy and Nani's acting are huge plus points for the film. Rajamouli in the guest role and his scenes with Nani add a commercial advantage for the film and they are also shot brilliantly. Raj Tarun in another guest role in this film manages to provide wholesome entertainment in his short burst. Though the unit promoted the title Majnu, the director failed to give a complete justification for the title. On a whole, Majnu is a youthful love entertainer.