‘Kaashmora’ movie review

Friday,October 28,2016 - 03:08 by Z_CLU

Story :-

Kashmora (Karthi) is a pseudo/false Baba/Sanyasi who cheats people and uses their problems and fears to his advantage. He is also supported by a Minister whom Kashmora through his Mantrashakti makes him favor his activities. In one situation, Kashmora and pretatma Raj Naik (Karthi) get locked in a bunglaw.  Who is Raj Naik, what's the relation between Kashmora and him, why did  Raj Naik become a ghost and what happens after they meet  forms the rest of he story


Actors :-

Karthi impresses everyone with his portrayal of Kashmora and Raj Naik. For the first time Karthi has played such distinguished characters and does complete justice to them. Nayantara mesmerizes with her character of Ratnamahadevi and Sridivya also justifies her role as a researcher who does her study on ghosts. Vivek is decent with his comedy

Technicians :-

Om Prakash is brilliant with his camera work. Especiaaly sequences in the second half are well shot. Santhosh Narayan's tracks are decent and Rajeevan impresses with art work. The fight scenes in the second half are well shot. Graphics are the major assets for this film which deserve a huge appreciation. Gokul attracts with his screenplay and direction and the production values are rich

Zee Cinemalu Review :-

Though an old ghost revenge story, Gokul gves this story a fresh treatment with his screenplay. A few unwanted scenes in the first might get the audience bored but the flash back episodes and the war sequences in the second half cannot leave the audience unimpressed.Sequences involving Karthi and the little girl are beautifully shot. Karthi who impressed Telugu audience with his previous films continues to do so in this film also with his amazing acting. The way he portrayed both the characters deserves special appreciation. Overall Kashmora is a definite watch with Karthi and Visual Effects being the major assets